MonteCarlo Solutions

At Monte Carlo Solutions, we use analytics and data mining techniques to make our clients more money. Think “Moneyball” in the entertainment business. We reinforce the traditional “gut feel” approach that is prevalent in the entertainment business with an objective and analytical approach based on extensive research and statistical modeling. We look at every foreign country to uncover new markets, find what projects work best, and analyze the effect that the supporting cast, director and other key players have on a project’s bottom line by country.


Unlike any existing statistical consulting firms, we also act as a broker that means we are transactional and not just descriptive. We explain trends and help clients achieve their goals by using our proprietary predictive modeling techniques. The Monte Carlo Solutions team includes PhD’s and MBA’s, who are experts in finance, statistics, and analytical methods. In addition, they hold teaching positions at local universities, consult for Fortune 500 companies or have worked at talent agencies and studios.

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