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Monte Carlo Solutions has developed an automated software system to help you find your audience. Our proprietary tools will save you countless hours and thousands of dollars in getting to your targeted audience by showing you where, to whom, and how to market your book. We do this by filtering millions of data points that delineate the specifics of your book then identifying those cities representing the market demographics where your book will sell.


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Cheri L. R. Taylor

Cheri L. R. Taylor

I’m very excited that a service like Monaco exists for writers! As a published writer, both by a publisher and self-published, I am impressed by the way this program empowers a writer to take control of her/his own marketing, and puts us in touch with the book stores, markets, and even producers who are the right match and looking for our work! I hear from Mike personally with updates, and it makes me feel really good to speak to an actual person to have my questions answered! The information that this product provides is the kind that only marketing insiders have knowledge of! The site is easy to use, and help is readily available. The emailed tips and tricks are helpful and practical, and those alone have helped me to sell more books! Mike is personally helping me get my book seen, and I recommend Marketing Pro to any writer who is ready to take control of her/his marketing!

Cheri L. R. Taylor
Editor, Writing Coach, Author, of Leaving Walloon, and Radio Show Host of Creative Energy in You on the radio network.

Wilma F.


"This is an unbelievable amount of value for only $30 a month. I am published and prior to using your service, spent upwards of 10K on a bunch of marketing stuff but still didn't have an idea of where I can sell my books, who would buy them and how to even get to them. I have done the usual SEO, social media marketing, developing my website, and I had only sold 8 books. After using your system, I am shipping 50 of my books that were requested by two institutions that I would have never thought of in a million years!" - Wilma F.

Ron Knight, Author of 47 Books


"After becoming a client of Author’s Marketing Pro, I was able to narrow down specific locations to promote and sell my books, which completely changed my marketing strategy for the better." - Ron Knight

Cherrye Vasquez


“I received a notice from a Contact on my website yesterday. She asked for my email address, so I sent it to her along with my telephone number. Well, she called me. She is a bookstore owner in California and she said books like mine are needed in Southern California. She asked me the prices, and where she could purchase.
I know more contacts are on the way.
Thanking You and Praising God for this intervention.” - Cherrye Vasquez

Janet Elaine Smith


“I started contacting them (schools in her target markets generated by the Author's Marketing Pro software), telling them about My Dear Phebe. They were excited about it. One of them asked me how the kids could get the book if they wanted a copy of it themselves. I told them they can order them from Amazon, etc. or if they want to send the money directly to me I can send them an autographed copy. She said she was sure they would be glad to do that. So, I'm off and running, or at least letting my fingers do the walking, thanks to you.
More later.” - Janet

Herschel Weingrod


“I'm a professional screenwriter based in Los Angeles, a member of the Writers Guild and of the Academy Of Motion Picture Arts & Sciences (aka "The Oscars"). I've known Mr. Monaco for many years, dating back to when he worked at the William Morris Agency and responded favorably to several scripts that I'd written. Eventually, he represented me as a manager and distinguished himself as a dedicated, professional, determined, and persistent advocate of my work. I highly recommend him to anyone who's looking for someone to represent their best interests.” - Herschel Weingrod